Board Meeting Videos

February 27, 2017
 2017 18 Calendar Update
 Appoint to Board of Equalization
 Computer Science Immersion
 Gallup Employee Survey 2016
 Good News The School Board

February 13, 2017
 Attendance Report
 District Policies 2 13 17
 Good News President's Bowl
 Legislative Update 2 13 17

January 23, 2017
 Calendar Committee
 Good News Memorial Maker Spaces
 Quarterly Finance and Legislative Update
 Strategic Plan Priority Leaders Report

January 09, 2017
 Community Relations Outreach
 Good News Report Feeding South Dakota
 High School Spanish Immersion
 School Board Election Date June 6 2017

December 12, 2016
 Audit Report 2016
 District Policies 12 12 16
 Good News Anne Sullivan Award LHS Student Award
 Smart Snacks

November 28, 2016
 Good News LHS ACT Student
 Native American Connections
 Person Addressing the Board School Start Date
 Public Hearing Waiver Instructional Staff
 School Improvement Plans

November 14, 2016
 Elementary Foreign Language Program
 ELL Report
 FY18 Budget Timeline Guidelines
 FY18 Budget Timeline Guidelines
 Good News New Tech High
 Policies 11 14 16
 Ready Bodies Learning Minds

October 24, 2016
 Demographics Report
 Good News Fine Arts
 K-12 Fall Enrollment
 Quarterly Finance
 Summer Climb Progress
 October 10, 2016
 Accountability Report
 ACT Report
 District Policies
 Good News Report
 Postsecondary Record of Enrollment and Graduation

October 05, 2016
 Academic Program Overview
 CTE Partnership Update
 Operating Task Report
 Southeast Tech 2016 Enrollment Report
 Southeast Tech 2016 Retention Report

September 26, 2016
 6-12 Computer Sciences Curriculum
 Good News Report Academy of Finance
 High School Summer School
 K-12 Science Curriculum
 Summer Research

September 12, 2016
 1st Reading Policy AH Conflicts
 2016 17 Initial Enrollment
 Goals & Stratagies Update
 Good News Report Summer Scholar

September 07, 2016
 Final Adoption of FY17 Budget
 Instructor Contracts
 Southeast Tech FY16 Financial Wrap Up

August 22, 2016
 Advanced Placement Report
 FY16 Financial Wrap Up
 Good News Report
 Learning Adventures Preschool Report
 Persons Wishing to Address the School Board

August 08, 2016
 Breakfast Programs Report
 Fall 2016 Staffing Update
 Good News Report
 Presidents' Academy Report
 Staff Development Update

August 03, 2016
 Southeast Tech Building Update
 Southeast Tech Fall Kick-Off